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Angelique Eagar

I’m having a moment of guilt, so I’m getting on board with this great Ride Holidays Challenge Charity getting bikes in schools & kids on bikes.
Seriously: I remember the excitement when I got my first bike it was a blue sixteen. I was around the age 5 or 6. My mum won a raffle & the prize was 2 bikes They arrived just in time for Christmas. My dad took us over to Corinna school in Porirua & taught us how to ride our bikes. The freedom, fun times, bloody knees started from there. 46 years later I’m still riding.
If it wasn’t for this raffle, I can honestly say I might have been one of those kids this charity challenge is about never experiencing a bike.
But now I have travel the world riding a bike, entering many cycling challenges & making many new friends. I never thought in a million years a bike would open so many doors.
All kids should experience the excitement of riding a bike & the places it can take them.
So I’m on board & hopefully can help make a difference.
Cheers Ange E

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